Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Featured Recruiter: Ric Potvin

Ric Potvin, Recruitment Officer

Television Broadcasting, Canadore College

Ric has been with Canadore for over 10 years. He started out as an instructor and technologist with our Broadcasting program and eventually moved into the recruiting role in early 2012.

Why does Ric love working at Canadore?

"I get to talk to people and help them with their journey into post-secondary education. I look forward
to visiting all of the cities as a recruiter. I love adventure and going places I’ve never been. I also love the students, it just isn't the same when they are not around- their energy, enthusiasm and excitement is what keeps me young."

705-474-7600 ext.5849

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Featured Recruiter: Cindy Bedard


Cindy Bedard, Recruitment Officer

Business, Canadore College
Recreation and Leisure Services, Canadore College

Cindy has been with the Canadore family for 25 years and has spent time in the Media Centre, on the Hospitality Plus project, in the OSDO department and in the testing centre. Cindy now calls the Recruitment department home. 

Why does Cindy love working at Canadore?

" I enjoy working with the staff and students. I have made great friends with both students and co-workers over the years. I have been at Canadore for over half my life and wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have all the changes with every semester."

705-474-7600 ext.5516

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Featured Employee: Ryan Drouin

Ryan Drouin

Recruitment and Liaison Coordinator

Recreation and Leisure Services, Canadore College
Business Management Post-Graduate, Canadore College

Ryan started out working as a student with the Panther Athletic Counsel and as a student ambassador. When he graduated in 2006 he worked as the Marketing and Recruiting Assistant with Canadore College for 6 months. Ryan went on to complete an internship with Help on Board as a Market Researcher before returning to Canadore College as a Liaison Officer in Spring 2007.
Ryan started his role as Recruitment and Liaison Coordinator in spring 2012.

Why does Ryan love working at Canadore? 

"I enjoy working with the students. I get to see most of the students before they even apply to Canadore College and it’s always great to see a student that you talked to 2 or 3 years earlier graduate from Canadore College and become an alumni like myself."

705-474-7600 ext. 5313

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Featured Employee: Terry Thomason

Terry Thomason

Admissions Specialist, Admissions Office

Automotive Marketing, Georgian College
Bachelor of Business Administration, Northwood University Midland, Michigan
Working on Masters of Science in Administration, Central Michigan University

Terry started working at Canadore College 2008 as the Information Analyst with the Registrar’s Office. That position turned into the Admissions Officer in 2010 where he continued with work with the new Admissions Office.

Why does Terry love working at Canadore?

“I love working at Canadore because we get to see students from the application stage all the way to watching them cross the stage at graduation. It’s great to see the dedication of the students, staff and faculty to make sure all students succeed and are ready to start their new careers. “

705-474-7600 ext. 5353